TAKE ACTION – Send a Complaint to Kim Pottinger and D&A Group Collections NOW!


To Participate In This Canadian Public Investigation Simply Copy And Paste The Following Email And Send It To:

Collector: Kim Pottinger  Of D&A Group Collections Email : Kim.pottinger@dagroupservices.com

PLEASE ALSO cc it to UnitedWeStandPeople@gmail.com so we can keep track of Complaints and Responses.




Attention : Kim Pottinger and D&A Group Management.

Regarding : Misrepresentation Of The Facts Leading To FRAUD!

Good Day,

I have read the following Public Investigation appearing on the internet regarding your organization:

Link To Investigation: https://unitedwestandpeople.com/2020/03/12/mrs-robinson-and-kim-18883951147-ext-6259-mrs-robinson-company-dna-group-email/

I am a concerned Canadian Citizen.  Please answer the following question:

If you are well aware debts are bought and sold as a daily practice within the Financial Industry why does D&A Group Collections NOT ask their Clients (The Creditors) to produce Verifiable Proof they are still in fact the rightful owners of the debt ( they could have sold it ) ?

Please respond in a timely fashion, I anxiously await your response.  

Thank You!

*** END OF EMAIL ***


If you like adrenaline rushes please feel free to call and record the conversation discussing the above matter : Kim Pottinger  Phone: 1 888 395 1147 ext 6865 of D&A Group.

Email your recorded conversation to UnitedWeStandPeople@gmail.com and we will post your recording on the blog.  It Just Might Go Viral!


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or email us at UnitedWeStandPeople@gmail.com . 


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