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Need HELP Dealing With Bank Employees Collectors And Lawyers…
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Do You Need help dealing with Bank Employees, Collectors and or Lawyers who are taking away your Due Process ?
Do you feel they are Bullying you ?
Did you seek a Lawyers help but they want a $3000 to $5000 retainer fee before even looking at the file ?
Do you feel its you alone against the HUGE Institutional Bank System so you should just give up even though you are 100% in the right ?
Inquire Into Our Chosen Agents For Hire.
No Large Retainers !
No Need To Fight This All By Yourself !
Your Due Process Is Your Human Right !
Don’t Give Up You Are No Longer Alone There Is Help !
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Become a “Human Rights Activist Chosen Agent” and Make Money!
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Join our Online TEAM acting on behalf of Canadians being Bullied by Bank Employees, Collectors and Lawyers. 
Participate in a feel good Industry while righting the wrongs of the system using a “Human Rights Activist Chosen Agent” Platform and Make Money! 
Our “Human Rights Activist Chosen Agent Platform Techniques” allows us to view many tactics of the Institutional Lawyers as Human Rights Violations.
You can make anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour depending how efficient you get at executing the techniques.
Type of cases we handle: Foreclosure, Vehicle Repossession, 
Collector Mediation, Reduction Loans .. ect
You will need to complete the following initial online application:
Once you complete the above Initial Application you will be notified based on your answers if you qualify to take the “Professional Human Rights Activist Chosen Agent Test”.  If you pass the test you will be scheduled for a meeting with one of our Senior Human Rights Chose Agents.
If you pass the interview you will be hired on the spot!
Good Luck!


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