email: Correspondence 3

Yes we did look over the documentation you provided the day of the October 2019 settlement conference but considering the unique circumstances surrounding this case it does not seem to apply.

You have not made yourself clear how the supplied documentation is applicable.

Please explain your position regarding the documentation you provided and how you believe it is applicable.

This is why we supplied the questions to be answered in our last email. Our position is we can only know if what you supplied is applicable to this unique case by you or your client answering the questions we have already provided.

Once you answer the questions we will know if what you provided is applicable.

Furthermore you stated in your last email:

“You appear to be raising the same points and issues raised earlier and discussed at the October 2019 settlement conference. As explained, we are not prepared to continue this dialogue for the reasons previously advised. “

Therefore once again please expand on what you are referring to “for the reasons previously advised.” What are the reasons?

It will be much more clear if you document what the reasons are via email.

At this point we do not consent to your position due to the fact you have not clearly stated your position.

It seems unreasonable to expect the Canadian people to accept the fact that all Equifax needs to do is call the Creditor and parrot what ever they say and this is considered an investigation is ridiculous. Especially considering the unique circumstances surrounding this case.

The real issue here is did Equifax complete a reasonable investigation. Once again this is why we supplied the questions to be answered.

Have a great day!