email: Correspondence 5

Good day …

After reviewing your last email communication it has become obvious to myself, the Plaintiff, and the Canadian Private Lender Community that you are simply attempting to remove the due process from the Canadian Plaintiff.

One of the Media Groups we have approached was flabbergasted by the fact you refuse to answer the questions provided  in the email.

They all agree refusing to answer the provided questions within the email we sent you would be considered red flags from a Human Rights perspective. Due Process is a Basic Human Right!

The following is quoted from your last email response :

“If Mr. Bang believes Equifax has acted incorrectly or contrary to its duty, then he has the right to take the action to trial”

The Canadian people would agree it is wasting the courts time if there is no documented dialogue prior to booking a trial date. You have not yet bothered to engage in a dialogue via email to state in writing your clients position but yet you want to make a trial date, that is ridiculous!

When a person in your position refuses to communicate via email but have the audacity to make the written statement that the Plaintiff should take it to trial would be considered Abuse Of Process and a mockery of Human Rights in Canada.

Once The Canadian People become aware this is how you are conducting your practice, one could only expect repercussions,

With that said we are making the reasonable request that you answer the reasonable questions provided in the last email we sent you.


Rondal Gardner