email: Correspondence 9

Attention: Dylan

I have done much research.

Together with the Private Lender and My chosen Agent, we will be going over your head through the chain of command at Diamond Financial.

It has become very obvious you are not equipped intellectually when dealing with the inner workings of the Financial Industry regarding buying and selling debt to handle this situation.

I myself have asked you questions you have not responded to.

You still have not sent a professional response to the email I sent regarding the links proving Diamond Financial could simply be servicing the debts and are not the rightful owners of the debt.

We were very fair in regards of giving you a chance to respond professionally but you refused to. This is the reason we will be speaking to your supervisor or contact the CEO of Diamond Financial.

This situation has been handled so poorly together with the Private Lender and my Chosen Agent we are thinking about going public with this.