Real Live Cases

  1. Banks Not allowing Canadians to switch their high-interest loans to Private Lender Debt Consolidators.
  2. The Bank Not Producing proper paperwork to complete transactions.
  3. Canadians being foreclosed on without the Banks producing the proper paperwork.
  4. Banks reporting inaccurate information to the Credit Bureaus.

In all the above examples, the Canadian stands up to the Lawyer with back and forth communication via email proving their case to be correct, the Lawyer will simply intimidate them by threatening to sue them.

In most cases, this is where the scale of justice is out of line.  The Banks literally create money out of thin air, whereas Canadians must work for their money. 

Realistically speaking, how many average Canadians can afford to hire a Lawyer to fight the Banks no matter if they are absolutely 100% correct in their case? This is why we are raising money via our GoFundMePage, but more importantly, this is why we are Uniting as Virtual Human Rights Activists to represent the Canadian Victims of Big Corporate Bullying.  

When this becomes the norm, the impact it will have on our quality of life will be amazing!

Here is an example of situations that are happening at the Bank as we speak:

The average Canadian is in Debt up to their eyeballs. With the declining economy over the past 40 years, many Canadians must get by using Credit Card Debt, Personal Loans, Personal LOC, and Payday Loans.

All of the debts listed above charge compound Interest from anywhere from 14% to 60% compounded daily.  The average Credit Card interest rate is 23% compounded daily.

Many Canadians have been caught up in the interest-only payments putting themselves in a situation where they are not paying anything on the principal.  The result is perpetual debt, the amount you owe does not ever decrease.

This has created the average Canadian into a Debt Slave to the large Banks.

The solution:

Canadians Getting out of Perpetual Debt:

Many Canadians Borrowers and Private Lenders have created a win-win relationship. Here is a great link explaining the win-win situation.


This website is one of the leaders in the Industry of Helping Canadians out of perpetual debt.


Now that there is a solution for Canadians being caught in the compound Interest debt trap making them debt slaves to the Banks (by using Private Lenders), the Banks are refusing to produce the proper paperwork needed for the Canadian borrower to continue the deal with the Private Lenders via terms and conditions which are far more reasonable than the Banks.

There is no doubt when looking at the dynamics between the Banks and the Private Sector / General Public it is a Bank vs Private Sector mentality.  

Private Lenders are part of the Private Sector.  Canadian Borrowers are part of the Private Sector. Therefore, when these two entities are working together, the Banks are left out of the equation.

In these situations, the Banks will Bully the Canadian Lender and Canadian Private Lender in order to destroy their deal, allowing the Bank to stay in control of the high-interest loans.

Here are some real-life examples. This is a highly informative video series. Please click here to watch these videos.