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One of the biggest but least talked about problems that face the Canadian General Public is the Banks Bullying Average Canadians by using their Employees, Collectors and Lawyers when in conflict.


When in conflict with Canadians, the Banks will ignore the true and valid facts brought up by the Average Canadian while stating facts that are not accurate. This Bullying technique is indoctrinated within the Bank Employee’s, Collectors and Lawyers scripts and training. Due to their already-busy lives just trying to make ends meet, this makes the average Canadian just quit and go away even though they are 100% in the right.


When a Canadian does decide to stand their ground, the procedure for the Bank is simple – they use their Employees Collectors and Lawyers to Bully the Canadian back into line.


A single Canadian having to stand up to a Bully Bank Employee, Collector or Lawyer is where the General Public loses this battle every time. This can feel like an isolated no-win situation for the average Canadian, even though they are 100% in the right. This happens on a daily basis.

Well, no longer do we need to be Divided & Conquered! 


United We Stand, Divided We Fall, is very true!


The Banks Must Stop Getting Away With This!


The above Text only mentions Banks, but the truth of the matter is this problem includes all Insurance companies, huge conglomerate companies, and Institutional entities who Bully the average Canadian when in conflict into submission, even though the Canadian is 100% in the right.


The solution is very simple, using the power of the internet and Viral Marketing

If we can simply have a virtual online meeting place which informs us of these situations, this would allow for Virtual Human Rights Activism.  


Yes, from the comfort of your couch You/We can make a difference!


(protest from the safety of your home)






When a Bank Employee, Collector or Lawyer is not treating a fellow Canadian Fairly, we can simply put the word out via the Internet, allowing us to unite behind the cause and send emails, helping argue the case.


All Bullies will back down when they know there are many others watching.


In the past when Bully Bank Employees, Collectors and Lawyers were blatantly ignoring and intimidating Canadians, there were no repercussions and no support to the Canadian Victim – Until now!


Just imagine the surprise to the Bully Bank Employee, Collector and Lawyer when Hundreds of Canadians are following individual cases closely, sending emails supporting the Average Canadian cases with facts.


Therefore, Canadian Victims now can have a team of Virtual Human Rights Activist Agents working on their behalf, which levels out the playing field, considering the Banks have a team of Lawyers working on theirs.


The emails sent as a Virtual Human Rights Activist are pre-made in order to simply cut and paste.  It is that easy!  You can also put your own personal touch if you wish.