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Become An Investigative Reporter.




Step Into The Spotlight And Become A Star While Helping People!


You can communicate as an INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER with the BULLY Bank Employees, Collectors and Lawyers and with our help create Your Own Independent Investigative Reporting Broadcast.

You can simply Video yourself using your phone explaining what you have found out so far and email or text the video to us.


Our team will supply all the questions needed to ask to create a professional investigation and assist you in creating a news report video you can be proud of.

For us to provide green screen technology in your videos you will simply need to video yourself in front of a green backdrop.  Easily done with a green sheet!


What if the Lawyers and Bank Employees do not want to make a comment / participate in your Investigative Reporting Broadcast?


The Canadian victim will sign an Agency Agreement to speak on their behalf.  This will allow you to be an Investigative Reporter with the power of an Agent.


Very Powerful Combination:

An Investigative Reporter with the Powers of an Agent.


Obviously, as an Investigative Reporter, they can refuse to answer your questions, but as an Agent, they are OBLIGATED to answer your questions.

If a Canadian does not fully understand a situation they are experiencing, asking another to act on their behalf via Agency Agreement is a …

Basic Human Right !

Let Us Help You Take Action Consistently .

Sign up for our FREE Automated Complaint System. This will allow you to send 1 complaint a month to each Bank Employee, Collector or Lawyer Bullying Canadians with no effort or cost on your part.

Knowledge Without Action Is Useless…
Be Part Of The Solution !