email: Correspondence 10

Attention :Martin

First, I don’t have to supply you with any information from my bosses. I am the manager here at Diamond Financial, and I am the one dealing the with clients, not them.

Second, let me be clear, we are not required to work with your unlicensed private lender.

YOU can work out any kind of loans you want with them, but WE are not required to work with them.

We are knowingly trying to collect money that you owe us, we have not sold your file.

If you required proof, I can supply you with the same information that a legit Private Lender/Debt management company/Bankruptcy and consumer trustees require, which are your signed contract and an account statement( that proves we still own the debt)

As for your threats of suing me, see you court.


Receivables Manager
Phone: 1-877-471-4589
Fax: 1-450-994-4375